AMVOX7 Chronograph: new 2014 end of the partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin

Concluded long-term partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin famous in 2014 its eighth anniversary with the presentation of the AMVOX7 Chronograph (44 mm titanium grade 5 case), the first vertical-trigger chronograph featuring a display of radial power reserve.

This new creation ' attests to the pioneering spirit of Replica Watch an alliance entirely dedicated to the aesthetic and technical innovation inspired by the prestigious British car manufacturer "ensures the watchmaking firm in its release.

Before any detailed review, this chrono immediately catches the eye by the motif that adorns its dial and reproduces the design of the ventilation grille in the grille of the Vanquish, the new model unveiled by Aston Martin in June.

However, this obvious relationship served canvas to conduct formal research in accordance with the technical characteristics of the watch. The watchmakers and craftsmen of Jaeger-LeCoultre thus made a particular care to the realization of the decorations.

Their diversity, used on different surfaces, gives a remarkable visual depth to a black dial with anthracite counters on which white and Red hues decide by their readability. Furthermore, a new function enters the AMVOX line! The display of radial power reserve. This appears in two openings in the upper part of the flange and part of the black dial.

When reassembling the watch, the red disks of the power reserve is approaching as if they wanted to enclose figure 12 so as to extent the uncocking of the barrel Rolex Replica, they disappear again to reveal little by little the chronograph levers. Once again, this display mode to the instinctive perception fits perfectly in tune with the feeling of immediacy conferred by a sports driving.

The housing is available in titanium grade 5. The bevels of the horns are meticulously polished while ornamentation to the Crown and the trigger made conspicuous by the alternation of blasted, brushed and polished surfaces (which is always a big job, often delicate, titanium). Finally, the band's stature and the underside of the horns have a delicate horizontal satin.

In 2005 the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre presented its new chronograph vertical-trigger. He then illustrated the first intuitive technique for measuring short time intervals. Thanks to this system, before the start of an event, it is more necessary to maintain the finger on the button to activate without delay at the start of the race, as now, a simple gesture on the glass of the watch is enough to cause the housing on its horizontal axis tilting and immediately begin a new measurement.

Pressure at 12 o'clock starts / stops the chronograph mechanism while the same operation performed at the lower end of the dial driver reset the chronograph hands. To avoid any improper handling, a trigger switch located on the side of the case serves as a control lever: when it is in its central position, all the chronograph functions are carried out according to the above description. Conversely, the lock upwards position, blocking the chronograph while the lower position allows to activate and trigger the chronograph, but disables the reset.

This intuitive immediacy is not reserved to watch mechanics, but continues on the displays. On the black skeleton dial, Chronograph counters are made of anthracite grey, two colors that form a perfect contrast with the hands and white numbers. The always useful indicator of market occupies the lower dial position, above the date window at 6 o'clock.

The AMVOX housing almost made makeover. It now incorporates the horns in the form of a one-piece construction which allowed a better integration of the strap for optimum ergonomics. The Crown had a similar evolution: also integrated in the body, it now offers the double advantage of easier grip and a more precise handling.

Also essential are they, however, these characteristics should not divert the gaze of a capital advance obtained by modification of the shape of the enclosure in order to promote a better positioning on the wrist. Thanks to the addition of a new element on the bottom of box, bracelet retains every moment a perfect curve and thus guarantees the ergonomically shaped seat of the watch on the forearm.

The development of the AMVOX7 Chronograph team yet completed this range of innovations of a system that allows a snap to change of the bracelet, depending on the mood and the necessities of the moment: a metal bracelet will be the worthy companion of the exploit and outdoor activities while his counterpart leather will highlight the distinction of a watch that harmonizes with happiness to the most elegant circumstances by its sobriety.

Side mechanics now... In this area, the connoisseurs will appreciate the mechanical self-winding 756, Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre. With its frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and its 65 hour power reserve, it displays an impressive track record in terms of robustness, reliability and precision.